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frequently asked questions


How do I know if this book is for me?

• If you hear the words “be your best authentic self” and think I don’t know who that is.

• If you feel stuck or you need to make a change.

• If you are going through hard times and feeling alone. If you have challenges that feel too big for you.

• If you just like a good story!


I'm confused... is this a memoir or a self-help book?

Well, it’s a lot of this and a lot of that. I use the stories of my life to illustrate the tools, strategies and philosophies that have helped me through some very big challenges. These are the same tools, strategies and philosophies that I share with my clients in my private psychotherapy practice.


What prompted you to write this book?

As people have heard the stories of my life over the course of the past 20 years I kept hearing, “You really should write a book!” I knew that my stories were worth sharing but it was not until I had been in practice for many years, and developed the strategies, philosophies and tools that I use with my clients, that I felt like I could use my stories to help others. That is when I fell down the rabbit hole that was the creation of this book.


 Why did you become a counselor/coach? What is your training?

When you read the book you will get the long answer. But the short answer is, I was part of a Mastermind coaching program for women entrepreneurs. As I was sharing my thoughts and advice with other women regarding their businesses the woman leading the program told me she thought I would be a great coach. From there I started doing some business development coaching. It soon became clear that one of the main reasons people do not succeed is fear. Whether it be fear of failure, fear of success, or fear of rejection (I could keep going on and on here) I felt like I did not have the expertise to help my clients in that way. That’s when I had the epiphany that I share in the book, and decided to go back to school. I received my Master’s degree in counseling and became nationally certified. Post grad I became certified in clinical trauma, body positive psychology and thought field therapy. and I am currently working on becoming certified in intuitive eating.


Was it difficult to share such personal experiences?

Telling my stories and getting them on paper was actually quite fun. The editing process was much more difficult. It was hard to go through and delete the many stories that did not support the message of becoming your authentic self. I also deleted many that shared too much of other people’s stories that were not mine to tell. But the most difficult part, emotionally, has been proof reading. I’ve probably read the entire book over a dozen times before publication. Every time I get to the story of leaving the hospital for a few hours to go home and see what adaptations my house needs before I can be released from the hospital, I cry.


So, what do you do on Memorial Day weekend?

If you have not yet read the book this may seem like a silly question but it will make sense to you soon. A dear friend of mine told me, “I don’t know whether to stay away from you on Memorial Day weekend or stay with you to keep you safe.” I got a great laugh and appreciated the sentiment at the same time. I have spent the last six Memorial Day weekends at the Dark Star Jubilee music festival. I enjoy every moment of the music laughing and dancing with dear friends and strangers. There is no better way to take my mind away from unwanted memories while purposefully creating an amazingly positive experience for myself.


Can I speak with you directly?

Absolutely! Until I become crazy famous from this book I will answer every email personally and as quickly as I can. Phone calls may take considerably longer for me to return as I am busy with clients during the day but will happily return emails at night.


What’s your advice (about my situation)?

Contact me to set up a coaching session and I’ll tell you!